The seminar format and topics are endless. The seminar can be partial day to a full weekend. Let me know what your group is interested in learning and we can talk about what lessons/topics fit your group. Some ideas may be from the Elijah House school. See Elijah House School Booklet for topics. Here are some options:


Why Have I Not Heard This Before

Have you thought the "Christian life" would be different than it is?  Do you still struggle with some of the same thoughts and actions you did before you came to Christ?  Do you wonder why you keep doing that you've done before? God has Laws and principles about how life and relationships operate. When we break these Laws (knowing or unknowingly), life cannot go well in those areas. In this seminar, we will look at some reasons why you feel “stuck” in relationships and life. We will look at why we seem to have recurring patterns or behaviors that do not seem to change as we mature.

Lies we Believe

Do you live what you believe, what your convictions are? Do you feel blocked or stuck to live out what you know is true? Many of us have heard truth and lies growing up; from family and from our peers. We all walk out what we believe rather than what we know. This seminar will help you see what some of those lies you have about yourself, life and God that block you from the abundant life.

Trauma (this is an 8 hour seminar)

Many times, we think of Trauma as national or personal disasters. There are many different faces of Trauma, which affect most everyone in some area of their life. Trauma seems to sink into our very soul and cause us to feel like we are “bleeding to death emotionally”. Trauma can make us fearful and anticipating the worst in life, which keeps us from walking in the freedom God has for us. The effects of Trauma may cause us to feel just a ½ step off our destiny.


Most of us know someone in addiction or we ourselves struggle with addiction. In this seminar, we will look at some of the roots of addiction and how to bring healing.